ACCA - The global body for professional accountants

Commercially aware

Level 3

Possesses an advanced level of awareness of commercial / business principles and of strategic environmental factors, identifying, evaluating and managing risks. Fully understands the employer's business and its place in the wider business environment, including the value chain within which it operates, the related inward and outward logistics and the competitive forces affecting the business.

Level 2

Possesses a good level of awareness of commercial / business principles. Develops an understanding of the potential impact of political economic, social, environment and legal factors affecting the employer's business and how these can affect the business, including an awareness of risk. Develops a thorough understanding of the industrial / commercial sectors in which the business operates.

Level 1

Develops a basic awareness of commercial / business principles. Investigates and internalises the impacts and influences concerning the employer's business. Begins to develop an awareness and understanding of the business world.