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Continuous improver

Level 3

Continuously identifies ways of developing self and others to improve processes and performance. Proactively takes steps to reflect on and consider personal and team strengths and weaknesses to identify development needs. Attentively listens to and observes colleagues and experts. Displaying openness to new ideas and opportunities and keeps up to date with professional developments.

Level 2

Develops self and others and proactively seeks new knowledge and skills, applying the principles of life-long learning. Wherever possible seeks to develop-self in relevant new skills, knowledge and behaviours. Understands what skills, knowledge and behaviours are necessary in their role and proactively takes steps to develop them, listening to and learning from colleagues and experts. Maintains a constant awareness of topical information and professional developments.

Level 1

Identifies basic ways of improving personal performance. Shows a strong interest in relevant information and sources of information from a range of media. Seeks and learns new knowledge and skills. Listens to others and keeps themselves up to date with professional developments. Accepts and builds upon constructive criticism.