ACCA - The global body for professional accountants


Level 3

Continues to develop leadership and influencing capabilities at departmental level and effectively mentors and manages others to improve team motivation and performance levels. Seeks opportunities to recommend and implement courses of action or change programmes relevant to job roles, departments and the wider business organisation. Presents logical, evidenced arguments to justify any proposed change programme by challenging the status quo and using appropriate negotiation skills where opposition exists or persuasion required.

Level 2

Develops leadership and influencing abilities and provides mentoring on these. Seeks opportunities internally to influence or initiate courses of action or change, relevant to the business or job role and is prepared to present logical, evidenced arguments to support them. Is prepared to defend a position or proposal logically and robustly to colleagues and superiors.

Level 1

Identifies and develops influencing skills by learning from colleagues and superiors. Wherever possible seeks opportunities to suggest improvements in tasks and processes. Challenges the status quo and develops basic approaches leading to operational improvements.