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Problem solver

Level 3

Solves work-related and client-related problems. Analyses and evaluates information in the light of business and stakeholder needs. Demonstrates clear, critical thinking to undertake work and solve business problems or weaknesses to improve performance. Takes into account all relevant internal and external available data to logically evaluate alternatives and recommend solutions or a business process change programmes to resolve complex business problems.

Level 2

Solves work-related problems, demonstrating innovative, critical thinking and the ability to plan and undertake projects. Takes into account internal data and evaluates options logically. Analyses complex data from both internal and external sources, demonstrating a clear understanding of the needs of clients and the business.

Level 1

Solves basic work-related problems. Demonstrates clear thinking and evaluates effective and efficient ways to undertake basic work. Seeks to understand the various ways in which data are presented and critically considers their application in the reporting and decision-support process.