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Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) hold very senior positions in any organisation. The CFO is a very important role with responsibility across most aspects of business finance, from sourcing and managing funds to performance measurement, management accounting, decision support and financial reporting. The role involves an extensive understanding of accounting and finance and has a crucial role in helping the business achieve its aims and objectives and support the business and financial strategy of the company. 

Entry and progression

CFOs are qualified accountants and members of a professional body such as ACCA. The role requires a thorough understanding of accounting and finance and how they underpin wider business operations and strategy, including risk and funds management. It is likely that you will progress into the role of CFO from senior roles such as financial controller or from leading one of the key finance areas, notably financial accounting or management accounting departments. 

ACCA covers the knowledge and skills required by complete finance professionals, including those that reach the position of CFO.

Aspiring CFOs may find Options exams advanced financial management (P4) and advanced performance management (P5) appropriate Options to select at the Professional Level.

Career progression in this role can be supported by developing and demonstrating professional behaviours. Take a look at the behavioural competencies in the Competency Framework to reflect on the type of behaviours which are useful for CFOs.  


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