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Group accountants typically work within the head office of a group of companies, with responsibility for consolidation of subsidiaries for statutory reporting purposes and are often expected to be the corporate reporting expert within the group, making sure that all entities within the group are following the correct accounting standards and providing the information that is needed for group reporting purposes. In some companies, the group accountant may also be involved in the production of management accounting information at group level.

Entry and progression

Group accountants are qualified accountants and members of a professional body such as ACCA. Some employers will employ candidates who are completing their professional accountancy exams and gained some relevant experience in finance. 
The ACCA exams provide the knowledge and skills complete finance professionals including group accountants need. Students working as group accountants would find the options papers advanced performance management (P5) and advanced financial management (P4) most relevant to their roles. The exam advanced audit and assurance (P7) could be useful too, as the group accountant may also be a key point of contact with the external auditors, so an understanding of the role and objectives of audit would be valuable.

It's not just about exams. Getting the right experience helps trainees to enter and progress through their careers. Areas such as preparing financial statements for external purposes (PO10);  interpreting  financial transactions and financial statements (PO11) and preparing financial information for management (PO12) would all provide great experience and relate to the performance objectives which need to be signed off as part of the Practical Experience Requirement (PER).

Career progression in this role can be supported by developing and demonstrating professional behaviours. Take a look at the behavioural competencies in the Competency Framework to reflect on the type of behaviours which are useful for group accountants.