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Treasurers look after an organisation’s money to make sure that the balance of liquidity within an organisation is correct. 

Treasury professionals use financial products to support and improve an organisation’s financial position (often through trading), making sure that the organisation has enough cash reserves and financial assets to see them through changing economic conditions and any future liabilities. 

Treasurers use a mixture of attributes including money management, accountancy, risk management, corporate governance and corporate financing. 

Entry and progression

Treasurers are normally experienced qualified accountants who are members of a professional body such as ACCA. Often treasurers have begun their career in tax, financial and management accountancy, corporate finance or legal departments. 

The ACCA exams provide the knowledge and skills needed by complete finance professionals and treasurers need. For those aspiring to enter roles in treasury, the options exams most relevant to treasury are Advanced Financial Management (P4) and Advanced Taxation (P6). 

It is not just about exams. Getting the right experience helps trainees gain the competencies needed to enter and move up through their career in treasury. Areas such as contributing to budget planning and production (PO13); monitoring and controlling budgets (PO14);  and evaluating potential business / investment opportunities and the required finance options would all provide great experience and relate to the performance objectives (PO) which need to be signed off as part of the Practical Experience Requirement (PER).

Career progression in this role can be supported by developing and demonstrating professional behaviours. Take a look at the behavioural competencies in the Competency Framework to reflect on the type of behaviours which are useful for treasurers.