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Cashiers work in a range of areas and sectors executing a variety of transactions and services, including the acceptance of payments for a variety of accounts, cashing cheques, checking account balances, giving refunds to customers and transferring funds. A cashier or senior cashier in an office or department is typically required to account for and provide additional documentation, reports and/or operate in a specialised nature relating to the management and control of physical cash and funds. The main duties involve entering purchases into cash register to calculate total purchases and for accepting cash, cheques, or bankcards for payment. The cashier processes cheque and bankcard transactions according to established procedures. A cashier often has to calculate discounts; validating customer identification for certain discounts and receipts as required, giving change and issuing receipts for funds received.

The cashier role can involve operating and managing systems and procedures for the physical control of security arrangements for holding and moving cash, including compliance with money laundering regulation and for reporting any suspicious transactions. The cashier is often responsible for maintaining sufficient amounts of cash to meet business commitments, including petty cash requirements. The cashier is also responsible for balancing the cash account and petty cash balances, reconciling receipts and documents with physical cash held, analysing and reporting on any discrepancies.

Entry and progression

The typical entry point is at petty cashier leading to a cashier or senior cashier role. At the petty cashier level, a cashier will be responsible for fairly small amounts of money and for the accurate recording and processing of routine transactional data. The responsibilities will become more procedural and compliance related as the role becomes more senior.

At more senior levels, cashiers will be responsible for larger volumes and a greater variety of payments and receipts, such as debit and credit card transactions, and for the security of cash the knowledge and skills required for the cashier role is mainly available through the ACCA Foundation level examinations in financial accounting and in finance related exams. Ultimately a cashier can move into the wider and more complex treasury function of an organisation (see Treasurer role).