ACCA - The global body for professional accountants

Level 1 : Fundamentals - Knowledge

Develop a rigorous approach to the acquisition of a broad knowledge base; employ a range of specialised skills.


  • Work with a broad knowledge base including significant supporting theories, concepts and principles and demonstrate an awareness of changes in these theories, concepts and principles


  • Demonstrate application and transference of an extensive range of basic and routine skills, technique and practices in a range of contexts
  • Devise responses and / or supply solutions to well defined hypothetical problems and demonstrate an understanding of consequences

Autonomy and Accountability:

  • Take account of and act in alignment with given organisational and professional ethics codes
  • Manage restricted resources in distinct areas of work, exercising some initiative and independence
  • Appraise personal learning needs and seek guidance where necessary
Technical competences are the skills and abilities developed directly through the ACCA Qualification (exams, experience and ethics).
Exam Image

Technical competences

Examinations are one of the three main components of the ACCA qualification. The other two components are ethics and experience. Examinations test candidates knowledge and skills from ten broad competency areas, appropriate for the Complete Finance  Professional.


These are behavioural attributes expected of the Complete Finance Professional which support the broad competency areas demonstrated in the exams, the ethics components and in the practical experience requirement. These behaviours are transferable and may apply to more than one competency area and to several components of the qualification, in different contexts. 
Performance Objectives

Behavioural competences